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Well-being services at Ametlla Mar

Well-being services at Ametlla Mar

This summer, we have prepared a very special surprise : now, in the hotel Ametlla Mar, you can take advantage of the Delta Natur Welfare services, therapeutic and esthetic massages.

Be careful, your body will enjoy a good anti-stress treatment and it will be as new


Therapeutic massage Hotel Costa Dorada

Therapeutic massage

  • Unwinding massage
  • Chiropratic

World Massage

  • Hawaiian massage
  • Korean massage
  • Californian massage
  • Bamboo treatment
  • Indian massage

Unwinding massage

  • Relaxing massage with essential oils
  • Relaxing massage with aromatic candles
  • Massage with goethermale volcanic stones



Manicura i pedicura Cuidado facial

Beauty of hands and feet

  • Basic manicure
  • SPA manicure
  • Basic pedicure
  • SPA pedicure

Depilatory waxing

  • Male and female waxing: eyebrows, arms, lower legs, full legs, etc…

Body treatment

  • Body essence: unisex treatment with peeling + body hydration.
  • Chocolate therapy
  • Body anti-cellulite: peeling with sea salt and cocoa wrapped in seaweed and hand-made massage with anti-cellulite.
  • Body Detox: peeling with sea salt and citric surrounded by mud and hydratation with draining massage

Facial treatment

  • Essential for face: basic facial treatment, unisex (peeling, mask and hydration with products suitable for all skin types.
  • Deep facial hygiene: cleaning the face, neck, unisex, suitable for allskin types. That includes facial hair (mustache + eyebrows) peeling , steam removal of impurities, masks and moisturizing.
  • SPA with facial aromatherapy: SPA with facial aromatherapy.